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Podcasts to Help You Improve Your Stand-Up Comedy

Looking to improve your comedy game while laughing? You've come to the correct place! We went on a podcast safari and discovered some true comedy treasures that will keep you laughing while also teaching you about the funny industry.

Whether you're a budding or seasoned stand-up comedian, or simply want a good chuckle, these pods have you covered. Enjoy!

Mark Simmons' Jokes Podcast

target Simmons and a special guest go into their comedy vaults each week, pulling out gags that didn't quite strike the target. Perhaps they were too long, too academic, too ridiculous, elicited more moans than chuckles, or just went flat. Whatever the cause, these comic misfires are given another chance to shine in their own unique manner.

Let's Talk Sets: Jeff Mcbride and Harrison Tweed

This entertaining podcast, hosted by NYC comedians Jeff McBride and Harrison Tweed, delves into the craft and "science" of stand-up comedy. It's a lighthearted yet in-depth investigation of a specific topic of the craft of comedy. The guys don't record much anymore, but their back catalog is fantastic and definitely worth a listen.

Jesse David Fox (Vulture) - A Podcast About Jokes

Good One: A Podcast About Jokes is all about jokes and the amazing brains who create them. Each episode begins with a comic telling one of their jokes, followed by an in-depth discussion with Jesse David Fox, Senior Editor at One joke at a time, it's a deep dive into the craft of humor.

Joel Byars' Hot Breath - Learn Comedy From the Pros

Start your week off right with unique insights from the best stars in comedy. This podcast, hosted by award-winning comedian Joel Byars, features uplifting stories and smart techniques from your favorite comedians. It's about discovering the motivation to become a comedian, the creativity of their profession, and the shared link inside the stand-up comedy environment, as NPR puts it.

Andrew Shultz's web series Inside Jokes is available on YouTube.

In each episode, Shultz and his guests dissect a joke that just doesn't work. As a group workshop, they deconstruct and remix it, revealing the creativity that goes into crafting a brilliant punchline.

Listening to comedy podcasts not only endure your brain to learn new jokes but also helps you experience the perspectives of other people who have been in your spot.

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