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Let’s review some comedy clubs in the UK today!

Yonkers Comedy Club is fortunate to be located in one of the best comedy towns in the world. NY is a hotbed of comic talent, with some of the world's top comedians and comedy clubs.

But, outside of America, the UK is blessed with some absolutely fantastic comedy clubs, and we'll tell you just where to go to watch the best talent.

Scotland: Scotland, home to Edinburgh and, of course, the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, has a rich history of comedy, with giants like Billy Connolly and Frankie Boyle. As a result, there are a plethora of fantastic comedy clubs to pick from, and The Stand Comedy Club, having locations in Edinburgh and Glasgow, is one of the finest!

Many prominent comedians have described it as the "perfect room for comedy," and the camaraderie there is wonderful! Their world-famous "Red Raw" nights are also generally considered one of the greatest locations to find new comedians and help them grow and flourish in their careers.

If you're in Edinburgh, don't miss Monkey Barrel Comedy! They've been going for a while.

Wales: The United Kingdom is steeped in rich humorous history almost wherever you look, and Wales is no exception! Dawn French, Rhod Gilbert, and Rob Brydon are just a few of the brilliant comedians to have emerged from the country of castles, and you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to comedy clubs! However, in our opinion, The Glee Club Cardiff is the place to go in Wales to see some absolutely excellent comedy.

Every Glee Club location is a special place where the humor is as brazen as the production; this is a place to witness comic juggernauts in their prime with shows that are totally loaded every single week!

Manchester: Home to a fantastic comedy circuit that has produced legends such as Jason Manford and Alan Carr. Manchester is a fantastic city, and Frog and Bucket is a fantastic comedy club!

Another great open mic/gong show that pulls the top talent in the north and fosters emerging comedians with their Beat the Frog gigs!


Liverpool is a remarkable city, and choosing the finest comedy club in Liverpool was simple since it is home to a special spot in Hot Water Comedy Club.

One of the things that makes Liverpool so wonderful is the community and the people, and Hot Water is a prime example of that, housing not just some of the friendliest but also some of the funniest individuals in comedy. Paul Smith has become a cult figure not just in Liverpool, but all across the world, thanks to the jokes he delivers out of boiling water. They're also changing the game with their membership choices and are going to grow, so an already fantastic club is poised to get much better.


If it wasn't already on our list, the Glee Club would be on it again because their Birmingham location is another amazing club and a must-see if you're in the region. But we can't have two Glee clubs on the list, so we'll go with Just the Tonic, a club with many locations around the country.

Their Birmingham location, Rosies Nightclub, attracts some of the biggest names in comedy, making for some fantastic nights!


I know we said we couldn’t have two Glee clubs on this list! And we can’t! But for Newcastle, we might bend the rules a little bit and have two of The Stand’s venues. Yep, The Stand has migrated north of the border and the result is their fantastic Newcastle venue. A city with another rich history in comedy, bringing us Sarah Millican, Ross Noble, and more, it’s only right they have a club as stooped in history as The Stand too!


Yonkers Comedy Club and its great ambiance provide all types of great talent an opportunity to come on board and entertain the audience of the club.

Yonkers Comedy Club is your go-to place if you are becoming a comedian, or want to explore yourself in the domain, we have many occasions where it could be a learning curve for you and we can definitely empower your talent in the best way.

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