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K C Arora

K C Arora

Kunal C. Arora “KC” is a New York-based comedian whose biting observational humor and sarcastic charm will have you doubled over with laughter at every show. When KC isn’t performing across the U.S., you can find him hanging out in comedy clubs around New York City or Instagram (@KCAroraViews).

KC made his first national, non-court related TV appearance on Laughs on FOX in 2015, and has been on the rise ever since. After making almost a dozen appearances on Laughs on Fox, he was seen on SeeSo’s New York’s Funniest. TruTV’s Late Night Snack and was a semi-finalist in NBC’s Standup for Diversity. KC made it to the final four of Caroline’s March Madness competition.

KC was also part of the viral web series and advertisement campaign for Optimum’s The UnMovers. It is still on air.

His first full nationally televised comedy set for Gotham Comedy Live aired on AXS TV February 2017. His set on SeeSo’s The Guest List aired on June 2017.

Recently, he appeared on three episodes of FOX’s Punchlines in August 2017.

He has been regularly featured in several comedy festivals, including:

Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Portland, OR, 2012

San Francisco Sketch Festival, San Francisco, CA, 2013

Hoboken Comedy Festival, Hoboken, NJ, 2013

Cape Fear Festival, Wilmington, NC, 2014

Scruffy City Festival, Knoxville, TN, 2014

Brooklyn Comedy Festival, Brooklyn, NY, 2014

Hell Yes Fest, New Orleans, LA, 2014

Yonkers Comedy Festival, Yonkers, NY 2015

San Francisco Sketch Festival, San Francisco, CA, 2017

Skankfest Comedy Festival, Queens, NY, 2017

Harlem Arts Festival, Harlem, NY 2017

New York Comedy Festival, New York, NY 2017

Rogue Island Comedy Festival, Newport, RI 2018

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