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Jamie Roberts

Jamie Roberts

Jamie Roberts is a name synonymous with many things including determined, focused, and laugh out loud funny. He possesses a persona that warms up the crowd and brings down the house. Jamie’s comedic timing and ability to turn any situation humorous has made him into one of the most sort after hosts in the New York City area. From film to the stage, Jamie is a comic’s comic – you never know what he may say or do next.

Jamie began his journey in Amityville, New York, where being funny was an every day thing for him. When he was crowned the ‘Funniest Person’ in his senior class, he realized that comedy was where he belonged. However, the journey would not be that light-hearted and free. In order for his comedy career to take off, Jamie knew he would have to hit the mean streets of New York City.

This young stand-up comedian was able to win-over the judges at Stand Up NY which was the first time Jamie performed at a major venue in New York City. His talent was confirmed when they named him the ‘Funniest Person from the Suburbs’. Ever since then, he has been pushing forward, continuing to make strives in the comedic world with performances in New York City Tri-state area, Hollywood, and Atlanta.

Jamie continued to breakdown barriers as he became the first non-Latino to produce the Latino Laughter comedy show at the New York Comedy Club. Along with producing the show, he was also the weekly host every Saturday night at the club for 10 straight months. This was no surprise to some industry insiders. He is known for his tenacity and ambition. There is no stage too big and no feat unconquerable in Jamie Roberts’ world. Jamie went on to produce a string of independent shows in the New York Tri-State area. He was also the producer and host of the One Night Stand Comedy Tour which stretched from the CUNY schools in New York City to the University of Wisconsin. The tour was catered towards educating college students about practicing safe sex and life lessons expressed through his standup comedy. The crowds followed him wherever he went from Jamie’s Back- 45 minutes of Just Jamie to The What You Laughing At Tour at the National Black Theater in Harlem. Jamie has been featured on MTV, Tidal, XM Radio, The Grio, The Root, 770 WABC Radio (NY), NBC’s Law & Order, Channel 7 ABC’s (NYC) Eyewitness, Channel 6 ABC News (Philadelphia) commercials. As a cast member on FYI’s A Question of Love, Jamie and his girlfriend were the featured couple of the show and is currently in production for their own show.

Who would have thought this Long Island native would have what it takes to make it in the big city? Jamie is currently the executive producer and weekly host of the longest running Sunday show in NYC called Sunday Night Live. He is also the founder and executive director of Comedy With A Purpose. A business in which he uses comedy to address some serious social matters. With his clean cut good looks, insatiable charm, and cutting edge comedy, Jamie Roberts is the one to watch in the upcoming year.

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